L ABRAMS ORIGINALS Striking Long Multi-Strand Patchwork Runway Necklace


Once named LA Originals., L Abrams Originals has restrung this cherished sample necklace that was part of her early 1980’s collection. Made of glass and inspired by Native American design, this striking, long, multi-strand (limited in quantity at the time) runway piece, is sure to catch the attention of admirers.

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This necklace has been strung on wire and must, at all times, be handled carefully. It should always be lifted up by the clasp area so that it hangs from your hand, keeping the same shape as it would around your neck. Put it away by laying down straight and flat. By following these few steps, this necklace will be kept safe from breakage and will give you many years of pleasure.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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