ROSY RINGS Candle Accessory Set


Enjoy your candles to their full potential with our set of candle tools. This stylish and pragmatic trio includes a wick dipper, snuffer, and trimmers. Thoughtful in design and made to endure, our candle accessories are so stylish you won’t want to hide them in a drawer. Each set comes handsomely packaged in a substantial, block-printed muslin bag.

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The candle accessory set includes:

Wick Dipper
SIZE: 10″ L
Beautifully handcrafted with turned wood handles, our wick dipper serves two functions: As a tool to dip a lit wick into the candle wax which eliminates smoke when a candle is extinguished, and for digging out wicks that have become embedded in wax.

Wick Snuffer
SIZE: 11″ L
Our stylish snuffer coordinates beautifully with our other tools. The design is graceful yet functional with a free-moving metal cup which can be angled into the trickiest of candle vessels.

Wick Trimmers
SIZE: 7″ L
Our champagne gold wick trimmers are expertly crafted from steel. Equipped with extra long handles which allow you to reach the wick at the bottom of the candle. Not only do our trimmers clip even the most ungainly of wicks, the trimmings are captured on the nifty built-in tray.

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