SERPEN by Dyanna Csaposs

She desired to breathe otherworldly beauty and mystery back into the world. To place her lips to that which is lost. With each exhalation, she watched as the petals of the evening primrose blossomed, and she knew she had been reborn.

SERPEN was created to empower expression through the intersection of art and life. All our creations are inspired by order, nature, the imagination, and the id or self. SERPEN is a sustainable brand of conscious pieces for every body, taking great care in all aspects of manufacturing. Every garment is ethically made, with the principles of slow fashion.

Dyanna Csaposs, the designer and visionary of the brand, seeks to understand herself and the world around her through the lens of creativity. She is on her path to discover and dive deeper into her roots as an artist, and is currently exploring this through poetry, design, and fashion.