Unique, luxurious crystal jewelry. Handcrafted with intention & love in Asheville, NC.

“I have been making jewelry since January of 2019 and have loved every second of it! I mostly make my jewelry using the technique called wire wrapping, meaning I use many different gauges of wire to weave and create intricate designs. I also use precious and semi-precious gemstones that can be found all around the world!

What first started out as a hobby that I enjoyed doing while going to college, quickly grew into an obsession! I truly feel my most authentic and confident self when I am creating and working with my hands. Finding inspiration for new designs and watching them come to life is such a rewarding experience! Life is short and unpredictable, and this is why I started this business; because creating is what I am passionate about and I strive to live an immensely passionate and fulfilled life.

I think jewelry can be more than just an accessory to an outfit, I believe it can actually enhance your mood, build your confidence, and show off your unique style! My goal is to create these unique, handcrafted pieces of wearable art with intention and love so when you wear it, you also feel your most authentic and powerful self! It’s a reminder to live a life that is immensely passionate and one that continues to fill you up.” –  Hannah