FIRE & HEIR – Handcrafted Jewelry

I’m Ashton Ratzlaff, the creator of Fire and Heir, and I’ve made my home in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Ten years ago at the age of 22, I packed my plants and anything else that would fit into my two door Honda Civic, left small town Kansas and went searching. I had never been to Asheville, I didn’t know anyone, and that was the goal. I wanted to see if I could do it, move somewhere on my own. I had struggled with anxiety most of life, and it was this struggle that greatly influenced my decision. I realized that perhaps my anxiety was rooted in the fact that I didn’t feel I had anything to say or anything to contribute. I needed experiences, and I was determined to get them.

As I sit here reflecting on the past 10 years, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. It’s been tumultuous, yet invigorating and most certainly transformative. I find myself surrounded by all of the things I was searching for and more, a craft being one of them. Much like metalsmithing, I used the tools I had, raw material (or in this case, raw emotion) and I created a vision. Part of that vision, I share with you here; my art, my passion…Fire and Heir. Thank you for your support and for engaging in my journey. It is with great joy that I not only share these pieces with you, but the story that inspired them.