BAMBUSA Bamboo Non-Skid Mat for Bathroom-Sauna-Spa-Bathtub-Kitchen (24 x 16)


Durable bath mat for bathroom is conveniently multi-purpose: kitchen floor and door, patio step, entryway and other outdoor areas; for tub base, toilet carpet or wooden runner set for safe, secure footing even when faced with high temperatures and damp conditions.

BAMBUSA Green Clean Living, Asheville NC

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Longer lifespan for up to 4 years: Will not stain or sag; lighter than teak wood.

Colorless top coat: Clear coating that repels water and black stains.

Non-skid pads: The bottom is padded with rubber grip tape that is non-slip on rough surfaces.

Under-pad for fabric rugs: Place your rug on top of this bamboo bath mat to create airflow, keep the rug dry, and prevent odors.

RV camper and motor home companion: Great for camping shower enclosure or on sandy and grassy grounds; Lightweight and foldable for outdoor use. Can be rolled or folded for quick, convenient storage in a car or on luggage.

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Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4 in


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