BAMBUSA Bamboo Leaf Tea – Herbal Tea Supplement with Reusable Bamboo Box


Bambusa Bamboo Tea comes in a beautiful bamboo box with 25 Bamboo Tea Bags. Bambusa Bamboo Tea contains the highest amount of silica of any plant. Silica is the building block of collagen and biotin which help to build up keratin in the body. Keratin is vital for healthy hair, skin, nails. It supports joint and bone health. Bamboo is rich in Antioxidants, MSM, Vitamins (Vitamin B2, B12, C & K), Minerals (Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Calcium, Silica, Potassium), Flavonoids, Polyphenols, and Amino Acids.

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Bambusa Bamboo Tea provides Natural Silica. Bamboo is a great way to ensure healthy nutrient intake for cell regeneration, anti-aging and youth rejuvenation. Bamboo Tea extract nourishes vital tissues and supports cell DNA for healthy life extension. Many people know about horsetail grass as a great source of silica. Bambusa Bamboo Tea leaf supports Vibrant & Healthy Skin – Bamboo is often found in hair and skin care supplements because it is rich in silica, which is essential for healthy skin.

Natural Silica helps keep the skin elastic and hydrated and promotes collagen production for hair follicles and nails cuticle. Bambusa Bamboo Tea is a highly concentrated, fast acting hair growth supplement and is a great addition to your diet and daily routine. Bambusa Bamboo Tea helps with nutrient deficiency. It is difficult to get all the nutrients you need from food alone. Bamboo Tea will provide the nutrients that may be missing from your diet and give you the powerful complex that includes B vitamins, nutrients, biotin, and collagen. As we grow older, the silica in our bodies deplete and we need supplementation to rejuvenate our cells and keep us looking younger, with glowing skin, and ingredients to thicken and strengthen our hair and nails.

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