BAMPOO 100% Sustainable Toilet Paper – 370 Sheet/3-Ply


THE SOFTEST BAMBOO TOILET PAPER YOUR BUM WILL EVER FEEL – How soft is it? It’s ULTRA SOFT & SMOOTH gives you the perfect combination of bamboo’s strength yet still soft fibers. Traditional tree-made TP on the market is filled with air and chemicals to make it seem softer and bigger than it really is.

100% SUSTAINABLE – Our bamboo toilet paper is plastic-free, chemical-free, tree-free, biodegradable, recyclable, & septic-safe which means it is better for the Earth and your body. Also, our bamboo is sustainably harvested from FSC certified Panda-free zones.

BAMBUSA Green Clean Living, Asheville NC

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ALMOST 50% LONGER – than other leading brands with 370 SHEETS PER ROLL compared to only 250 sheets per roll from our competitors. This is the BEST VALUE you’ll find in bamboo unbleached toilet paper. Say goodbye to the headache of constantly running out of toilet paper & changing rolls.

3-PLY STRENGTH, 2X ABSORPTION – 3 layers of premium LINT FREE & STRONG toilet paper. Our earth friendly toilet paper has two sides: smooth for extra comfort & textured grip for the cleanest wipe TP can give you. We’re setting a new standard for comfort & cleanliness.

GENTLE ON SENSITIVE SKIN – Our bamboo toilet paper is HYPOALLERGENIC, UNSCENTED, DYE-FREE, and completely free of other chemicals such as Bleach, BPA, & Formaldehyde. No more worries about irritation or sensitivity from the chemicals in regular toilet paper brands. Our environmentally friendly toilet paper is made with 100% all-natural bamboo.

US BASED COMPANY Based in Asheville, NC We also are growing bamboo on our farms in Labelle, Fla for future production. Our bamboo is sourced from FSC Certified forests, our wrappers and cores are compostable. Good for your body, the air, and the earth. Save the Trees!


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