DPS 10 oz. Cocktail Glass Candle With Matches (2 Scents)


These wonderful Dog & Pony Show Exclusive candles come with a box of matching branded matches. Made with a coconut soy blend with burn time of 45+ hours. After candle is used completely, the wax can be cleaned out to turn it into a cocktail glass!

Choose from two scents: 

Grand Teton: combines the comforting notes of sandalwood with the sweet, woodier notes of oakmoss and amber. Hints of lemon and sage add a crisp top note, leaving the impression of a breeze as it moves through the alpine forest.

White Sands: captures the scent of the desert flowers, agave and yucca cacti, that thrive in the monument’s dry climate, accented with notes of amber and jasmine. Transports us to those perfect campfire nights with good friends and cold tequila.




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Grand Teton, White Sands

Drinkware Type

Cocktail & Shot Glasses


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