Kete Sun Kuba Cloth Bucket Hat by Heather Davis


Find joy in fashion with this one-of-a-kind Kuba Cloth bucket hat from Asheville Artist Heather Davis. The Kete Sun Kuba Cloth Bucket Hat is made from original artwork (shown in the product images). Every hat print varies from each other, so your hat will appear slightly different from the product image shown.


About the Kuba Collection
These one-of-a-kind bucket hats by Heather Davis derive their inspiration from the 17th-century cloth designs of the Kuba kingdom in central Africa. Now the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Kuba kingdom, founded by Shyaam a-Mbul in 1625, is noted for its highly developed political system. The kingdom gained wealth by controlling the ivory and rubber trades, and commissioning artists for sculpture, basketry, and textiles. Kuba cloth became a primary cultural export of this bustling society and is characterized by bold, graphic black patterns that emphasize movement and repeated themes, as well as irregularities between sections, which are reminders that an artist’s hand crafted each stitch.

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