Red Tailed Hawk at Sunrise Card


Shortly after finishing this painting, I was invited to join a group of people to conduct a weather ceremony in Georgia with folks who practice Native traditions. We hiked to the top of Stone Mountain at sunrise, singing a song of gratitude to the mountain.

Once we got to the top we said a prayer and started to place offerings of corn and squash on the altar there. While we were singing, a red tailed hawk emerged from the top of some trees, and hovered above us in the breeze on that crisp autumn morning. The hawk remained there with us for the entirety of the ceremony, dropping a stick she held in her talons through the air and diving down to catch it. It is a scene I will never forget for as long as I live. I felt that the Hawk was giving me a sign to keep going.

Designed by Asheville Artist Wisteria Winters.

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4 x 6 Card with 4.25 x 6.25 Envelope, shipped together in a protective clear plastic.

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